A Rush to See the Football

On Saturday 25th Acme members were in the Neath Valley to ride the Bynea 10 on the R10/22 course.  Nadine Cannon was riding her favourite course and hoping to improve her race fitness.  The wind was a little unpredictable and Nadine was not sure which way it was coming from. Despite this Nadine was very happy with her time of 24:40 which meant that she was 1st Lady on the night.  Well Done.

The ever present Ross Morgan was also there but even with a time of 23:30 he was not happy with his ride. He described the wind as a head wind out and back.  Jeff Rees also complained about the wind and described it as being “in all directions”.  Jeff’s start time of 16:30 gave him 30 minutes to ride the event and get to the HQ to watch Wales v N.I. His target time of 24m was set with this in mind.  His eventual time of  23:36 gave him an extra 24 seconds to find his seat in front of the TV and the result was well worth the rush.  The Welsh result and Jeff’s Race result was a very well received birthday present for him.

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