Early Season Reports

April has not been as busy for racers as March because Easter was early and two Sundays were left empty.  The month started with our own Open 25 which went very well thanks to the efforts of those members who gave up their time to ensure its success.  There were 110 entrants but around 15 did not start on the day.  Still the best entry we have had for a few years now.

A number of Acme Riders entered the race and several have sent in a report about their race on the day.  Simon Kinsey was hurting on the way back into quite a stiff wind and he advises others to keep their head up and watch the road because unfortunately he DNF after hitting a pothole and puncturing in both wheels.  Anthony Redman and Ross Morgan had better fortunes, both going under the hour. 

Ross was reasonably happy with his finishing time of  59:10 after having no specific goal for the day.  Anthony had mixed feelings about his time of 59:15. Anthony advises others to sort out their gears before the race.  Seems like he forgot to follow his own advise.  This was Anthony’s first start of the season so it suggests he will improve as the season progresses.

Next up for Acme members was the Bynea 30 on the R30 Llanwrda to Carmarthen road.  Conditions were cold but with no wind.  Chris Wooley enjoys this testing course because of its quiet roads and well run event.  He was looking for a PB and was quite satisfied with 1:12:47.  Congratulations to Chris on becoming the Club 30ml Champion for 2016.     Gary Flower also entered and finished with a time of  1:13:39.

April 24th saw the OVW 25 on the R25/3H Course run in dry conditions but riders had to contend with a head wind after the turn.  Simon Kinsey was looking to go under the hour for the first time on this course so must have been pleased with his time of  59:28. Simon noticed that the pothole is still there and will be looking out for it when he returns for the WCA 25.  Ross Morgan continues to improve and posted a PB of 57:01.  Quite an achievement in the windy conditions.

Other Club  Members who entered included  Nadine Cannon, Jeff Rees, Anthony Redman and Chris Wooley.

Acme will be well represented at the WCA 25  on the R25/3H  Course, hopefully we will have a report from all of them.  Good luck to all our members on the day which is also our Club 25 Championship event.