Gwyn joined the club as a teenager and over the next decades his talent shone through

 He represented Wales in the Pursuit & 10mile events at the 1958 Empire Games held in Cardiff as well as being part of the Acme team which held numerous Welsh records and one of an elite band of riders who beat the hour for riding 25miles, a great achievement in the 1950s.   

But there was far more to Gwyn than clocking up records and being the perfect rider, he had a zest for life which was typified by the way he arrived at races——the best equipped bike strapped to the back of his immaculate blue and white MG sports car and the beautiful Judith sitting by his side.

Indeed before Judith arrived in the passenger seat Gwyn was considered by other club members as something of a babe magnetic, young ladies flocked to join the club so they could be associated with him. He modestly explained the existence of his fan club by saying, “someone has got to do it”.

Even in later life he never lost that competitive edge winning the Acme 12 hour club championship at the age of 58 riding an impressive 203miles.

In later years he will be remembered for instigating and organising for 25 years the club Tuesday night 10 mile time trial, being a South Wales District time keeper and also winning the prestigious Rhondda Sports Personality award.

Although he was no longer able to ride long distances he still went on the Acme training weekends sitting in the accompanying van wearing his Acme kit and shouting encouragement to the riders through the open window.

Not only was he a loyal member and servant to the Acme he was a much valued friend to so many.

Gwyn Remembered:-