Passed by his 8 Minute Man – but still happy

Recently returned member Ryan Evans took on a 50m TT on the West Wales R50/5 course between Llandovery and Carmarthen.  Ryan felt a noticeable headwind as he left the start line and fully expected the tail wind to give him some help on the return. Fireman Ryan rode conservatively for the first 20 minutes knowing the return would be difficult for him at his stage of training for future triathlons. Knowing he might tie up on the return journey he rode “on the tops” to stretch his back and shoulders, hopefully making the return a little easier.

The Start Sheet was very small so the ride to the turn was a lonely one for Ryan.  The wind picked up around 15 minutes before the turn and he had to dig in to force his way through the wind which took it out of him and would be felt later on in the ride.  Things were going well to Llandeilo but then the body began to ache from being in the TT position for so long and the last quarter was ridden on the tops.  Although Ryan felt he was pushing out decent power it instantly dropped by 50 watts when he tried to return to the tri bars.

Despite the aching body Ryan still had a “magic moment” which may be the highlight of his year or even the last 5 years. Ineos Grenadiers Pro rider, Paris-Roubaix finisher and current World Junior TT Champion passed him for 8 minutes, big gear and rock solid. It was amazing to see. Josh Tarling was the only rider to break two hours with a course record of 1:35.

Ryan was comfortable with his time of 2:21 within his current training programme which has not involved too much TT work.  In the coming weeks there will be more TT specific work as the longer triathlons appear.  Well done Ryan on a sound effort and for being positive about being passed for 8 minutes by a pro-rider.  Good luck in the coming triathlons.