Fiona Takes to the Water

Earlier in the month Member Fiona Davies entered a middle Distance Triathlon based at the Cotswold Water Park. Being closed water in June the water temperature was quite pleasant at 20C for the 1.9k swim.  The downside of this was that the first bike lap of two was a bit cold and wet. The weather did warm up a little before the 80k bike ride finished.  This meant that Fiona had warmed up for the 21.1k run on a mix of trail and road.  Fiona’s target was to complete the bike ride in under 3hrs 30m and the whole event inside 6hrs30m.  This is a very well organised, family friendly,  event on a fast course with only one real hill on the bike ride.  Supported by husband, and Acme member, Gareth, Fiona was very happy with her race, finishing the bike ride in 3:26:26  giving her a total time of 6:28:47.

We look forward to seeing further reports from Fiona’s events, her next bike event being a 25m TT later in July.

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