Simon Takes Prize at the WCA 100 Champs

The first weekend of September and it’s Abergavenny but this time the distance is much greater as members took on the WCA 100m Championship on the  R100/8 Course.  Ever present Simon Kinsey got off to and early start at 07:11 when most of us were still tucked up in bed.  For Simon the day started with a little drizzle but this soon cleared leaving just the wind to contend with.  The westerly wind was a help on the road out to Monmouth, but the return ride was made harder as the wind did not change.  Simon had a set of goals at this Championship, firstly he wanted to finish in order to have a BAR qualifying score.

Simon has very bad memories of a previous entry in this event in 2014.  That remains his PB for the distance but he was looking to wipe away the bad memories. Other goals were more “cycling” related, to reach the Acme Bronze Standard of 5:05:00 , to take 30 minutes off his PB and to win the “Best Improver” Prize.

What a day he had, beating his PB by 40 minutes as he paced things well “for a change” (Simon’s words).  This meant he achieved all his goals comfortably as he was awarded with the Best Improver over that past three years. Well done Simon.

Starting a little later in the day at 07:54 Gary Flower missed most of the drizzle but still had to contend with the wind.  Gary finished in 16th position overall from 53 finishers and his time of 4:07:41 was very impressive giving him an average speed of 24:22mph.  Gary’s efforts earn him the Club 100 Mile Champion, I hope he has plenty of silver polish.

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