Today I got in my car and typed in the post code for the Blaenau Gwent 25 TT HQ, NP15 2EN, not realising where it was.   When I arrived at the HQ it brought back a flood of memories from the mid 90’s when I was a youngster going to cycling events with my grandfather.

 I remember the place as a kid, but not the name, now I know it is the Old Church Hall Raglan. A lot has changed since then. That is where the Raglan 50 was held and I remember there use to be a big event on that day and Grandpa “Nev” use to take the Acme rollers along and let people have a go.

 I also remember going on the bouncy castle and watching 3 men drinking a pint of beans and a bean bath. They were the fun old days for some of the boys and girls. Unfortunately the ground that I once had fun on and memories of is now a car park (touch of Max Boyce there)  but the school is still there.   I shall always treasure those memories. Good times. 

Many Club members will remember New Yeo for his enthusiasm in everything he did.  Thanks for that Ross

Also I think it was 1995 or 4

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