Celtic Series Roundup

Four members entered the fourth round of the Celtic Series organised by Cwmcarn Paragons on the R10/16A course on 7th June.  Ross Morgan enjoyed the warm evening and while trying to improve on his time for the previous year probably lost a bit of concentration on the return ride.  Despite this and some nasty pot holes he managed a 23:43 to put him 21st out of 49 riders. 

Jeff Rees was happy with his time of 23:35, helped by the light breeze on the drag to the finish. He admits to feeling a little tired on the course and puts it down to recreational mountain bike rides.  His plan is now to rest up and eat cake to see if that helps. 

Neale Lewis was also back in action but was not particularly happy with his 24:18.  He tried to maintain a consistent pace but did not feel good during his warm up which he puts down to not eating properly before the event. 

Simon Kinsey had low expectations at this event because he had ridden the Dragon Ride the previous weekend. He was hoping to improve on his time of the previous year but realised that it was a mistake to enter by mile two.  With 143 miles in his legs after the weekend it was difficult to keep something back for the return leg, especially the difficult mile 8. A little disappointed with his time of 27:16, at least he knows where his boundaries are.

Well done to Ross, Jeff and Neale who took 3rd in the Team Prize.

Club members will see the R10/17 Course in Raglan as a second home with Round 5 of the Celtic Series organised by RealTeam on Thursday 16thRoss Morgan was keen to finish the event before he developed hyperthermia in conditions he described as more like winter.  He only gave himself a 3/10 for his finishing time of 23:04

Jeff Rees experienced four seasons in one race as weather conditions changed dramatically throughout his ride. After posting a 23:16 on this course a few days before he hoped for better than the 23:46 he finished with and cannot understand where the time went.  Jeff intends to have a week off the bike and take in the sites of Cardiff while having a few beers before resuming his race programme with the Bynea 10 at the end of the month.

The last race of June saw several of our racing members back in Raglan on the R10/17 Course for Round 6 of the Celtic Series promoted by RealTeam.  Ross Morgan found the conditions not to his liking with a cold wind and some showers.  Despite posting a creditable time of 23:24 Ross was unhappy with his efforts and was just pleased to get to the finish after a feeling a stomach bug after 3miles.  Ross now plans to take some time away from racing to give his legs a chance to recover.

In contrast, even though she described the conditions as “hot,cold,wet windy and smelly”  Nadine Cannon was delighted with her performance on the night.  On what she describes as a fast course Nadine posted a PB of 24:32 and was the 2nd Lady

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