Gary’s UP-and-Down 50

The A40 between Llandovery and Carmarthen is up and down when driving in the car.  The route profile for the Bynea 50 resembles the sort of saw lumberjacks used to use before the advent of the chainsaw.  The Bynea event was run on the R50/5, a change from the planned Resolven course because of road works which gave organisers and riders the opportunity to look at the up-coming National 50 Championships course at the end of June.

Two Acme members had signed up for the event, unfortunately Dave Singleton was not able to start, leaving Gary Flower as the Club’s sole starter.  Conditions were dry and cool but there was the inevitable wind for riders to contend with.  Gary had his sights set on a distance PB, however, when he saw the trees bending as he rode to the start his plans changed.

The course profile and technical nature of the roads meant that the wind offered no assistance to riders on this out and back course.  Even the road surface was a hinderance in some areas, Gary estimated he lost a couple of miles per hour on some sections. The GE engineer was disappointed with his 61 minutes for the first 25, after the hard work he had put in he felt he had gained little reward.  Although the return leg was not quite as difficult it was still a tough ride with the hoped for tailwind not materialising.

After setting too high a pace at the start Gary was counting the miles after 40 and was delighted to see the Time Keeper get closer and closer.

Next up for Gary the WCA 100m Championships.

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