23rd June

Dean Cummings made a late start to his season due to work committments. However, he was quite busy in May with a circuit race at Llandow, George Greaves Memorial road race, Ramin Minovi Memorial RR organised by the LVRC [League of Veteran Racing Cyclists] and the President’s Handicap RR. He says the only outcome was pain and suffering but he felt his form coming by the end of the month. This led him into the 2-day Dragon Two road race on 1st and 2nd of June which he describes here :

A 3.5 mile TT , followed by a 48 mile RR around a shortened version of the Presidents Course ,then the following day a 58 mile RR on the full course the following morning .The TT at 13.00hrs went well and was within a minute of the leader at the start of the afternoon stage which took us up the Rock and Fountain 5 times A bit tricky to get your fluids , food and energy right between events but thats all part of the competition . The RR of ABC age cats 40 to 59yrs with a quality field included a number of ex pros started at 14.30hrs with various attacks throught the event . 5 times up the climb was going to take its toll and on the last time around cramp was becoming an issue , but with screaming quads finished the race just a few seconds behind the bunch . The main prority now was recovering for the next day . Drastic measures were required and decided to sit in an ice cold bath to get rid of the lactic in my legs ,it wasn’t just my legs were painful after that , followed my a self massage (on my legs) and then more ice packs ,great sport this cycling .

Any way it seemed to have helped and after a good warm up started the next day knowing that most of the others were in the same boat , Another fast start up to 37mph before the first climb, followed by various attacks and changes of speed and after four and half laps and only 4 times up the climb the bunch were together to the end revving up to a massive sprint to the finish which was just prior to the small bridge that links the both roads . Sadly the race was halted in the last mile and half as the road needed to be closed following a serious crash in the EFG group when several riders came down . so we all had the same finishing time . Picture the scene 40 or so riders in a bunch travelling at 30mph towards a Police Support Officer waving his yellow jacket frantically in the air .

In total 110 racing miles both RR averaged over 23mph reaching speeds of well over 35, i`ve calculated my total time to have been arround 4hrs 40 gave or take . Then went to work till midnight shattered !!!!

Maybe some other Acme vets who should be racing will enter next year it really is an event not to be missed . A couple of Llandow events next ,the Aber handicap which will be great preparation for the Police & Fire Worlds in August .

Also in May was the Club 25 Championship, incorporated in the Welsh Champs. The 64 riders in the overflow event, which included three Acme riders, faced the toughest conditions of the day. Paul Griffiths forced his way around in 1-06-17 while younger veteran Kevin Bartlemore finished in 1-00-05, wishing he had gone six seconds faster. Fastest Acme rider on the day was Neale Lewis who, in one of his infrequent forays into racing did an excellent 59-11 to take 20th place [5th Welsh rider] and become our Club 25 mile Champion for 2013. Congratulations Neale.

Recently, Gary Flower [or should it be Flier] has been using his new TT bike to good effect, chasing faster times in Merthyr CC club events in the Vale of Neath. Having reduced his time to 1-00-58 in the Ogmore 25 in May, he comprehensively broke the hour in a mid-week event with 57-48 and followed it with 22-59 for 10 miles. In his first year of membership he has now beaten the club silver standard at 10 and 25 miles. His second 50 mile TT is today’s Club, Welsh and British Championship near Abergavenny where he hopes to improve on his 2-15-48.

Breaking News : Gary just texted to say he recorded 2-09-10 this morning in very windy conditions. Paul Griffiths 2-37-54, Kevin Bartlemore DNS. Congratulations Gary on becoming our Club 50 mile Champion for 2013. Look out for more good performances from him as the year progresses.

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