WCA/Club 10 Mile Championship

August is busy months for our TT Club members with races and Club Championships coming thick and fast.  The second week of August, as usual, is the WCA 10 Mile Championship, this year promoted by the Pontypool RCC on the R10/17 course based at Raglan.  This is a very popular course and well known by our members.  Four Club members had entered this event which also serves as the Club 10 Mile Championship Event.  In warm and dry conditions Dave Singleton, Gary Flower together with Committee Members  Jeff Rees and Simon Kinsey, were at the start line to compete for the Emlyn Jones Memorial  Bowl 

First off, just after 9 am, Dave Singleton’s target was a PB for the distance and Dave Singleton1 (2)DSCN2515although he found that the HQ was some distance from the Start Line he had time it well to arrive on time. The conditions were to his liking and he finished in a time of 23:36 which proved to be a PB for him.  Jeff Rees had to wait a further 40 minutes for his start, but the weather was holding up so there was no disadvantage to later riders.  Recovering from a bout of sciatica earlier in the season Jeff was happy to be racing again.  His time of 24:22 was creditable given his disrupted training.  

DSCN2524Gary Flower’s start time was 10:52, fortunately he made this to finish in a time of 22:19, giving him the Club 10 Mile Championship for 2017.  With only a little over 2 minutes separating our top three riders and Simon coming in a further minute behind in race time, without a warm up, this was a very successful event for the four Acme entrants 

British Emergency Services Road Race Championships

In early August Road Racer, Dean Cummings, set off to Aylesbury, Berkshire, to compete in the British Emergency Services Road Race Championships for 2017. Committee member Dean was hoping to be successful in the Over-50s or Retired Section. The 12 laps of a 4 mile loop were mainly on rough country roads with a 100 mts 7 per cent climb added in for good measure. Fortunately the weather conditions were dry and sunny.

The Mentmore Circuit was the 3rd choice location after a number of road works occurred_DSC0724 during the run up to the event, which, presumably, the Emergency Services were not aware of. With the usual high quality field and strong teams of Firefighters and Police from London, Manchester and the Midlands the race set of at a blistering pace and after 4 times up the climb the race started to split . Dean found myself in no mans land for a short while, unable to maintain the pace of the younger stronger riders, fortunately he was soon swept up by a number of riders and formed a good group of 8 working together to finish the 48 mile race.

12 times up the climb was a real stinger but felt, but former police constable Dean proved to be one of the stronger riders in the group.  He was very pleased to finish such a tough circuit as could see an ever growing group of packed riders each time his group went over the climb.

Dean was a little disappointed not to pick up any prizes this year but it turns out the female in the group was, Victoria Strila of the Kent Police Force, who won the overall ladies Championship which gives an indication of the effort put in by the group and the high standards required to be amongst the winners..

Simons Mid-Summer Events

Regular contributor to our website, Simon Kinsey, had mixed fortunes in July over the shorter distances.  With the 12hr event still in his legs our Event Secretary had limited ambitions in this Ross on Wye 10m event, on the R10/17 Course in Raglan, hoping to get near to 24m.  After the third mile Simon was beginning to feel the 12Hr ride in his legs and, while this is a course for PBs, the hoped for recovery had not come.  He was very disappointed with his time of 24m39s and put it down to his legs not his bike.

The following week Simon was in the Neath Valley on the R25/3H Course, he knows so well. This Real Team organised event took place in wet and windy conditions, now there’s a change.  Having played football for many years Simon suffers from knee problems from time to time and this affects his training and his racing. This was one of those days and Simon was looking for a time around 62 minutes as he was not riding at full effort.  As has happened to Simon before, without any timing data on his bars he recorded a time of 58m27s, only 30s off his life time best.  Simon has expressed disappointment at this ride and feels he has left a PB on the course.


Dave Singleton’s Summer Variety

Dave Singleton has certainly been showing the Acme colours around South Wales in a variety of events this summer, since joining the Club this year he has continued to show good form and is improving his performances at all distances.  At the end of June Dave was on the start line for the Merthyr C.C.  10 Mile event on the R10/22 Course in the Vale of Neath.  Looking for a PB, Dave was fortunate to have some fair weather conditions enabling him to clock a time of 24m48s.  He was very pleased about this as he had achieved his goal of a PB.  His advice to other racers is to make sure you train and with this in mind he has more time trials in his sights.

Next up in early July the second Merthyr C.C. event, this time their 25mTT on the R25/3H Course, well known to many Acme members and a second home for some.  Again looking for a PB Dave was blessed with some good weather which helped him go under the hour. Another PB means that he will have to work even harder on the next 25 to keep improving his time. The warm conditions meant that Dave had to ensure that he took on plenty of fluids and this helped towards his finishing time of  59m36s.

The following week Dave’s event changed completely, this time a Long Course Sportif in Tenby.  This Iron Man distance event of 112 miles was run along the rolling coastal roads surrounding Tenby and  with the breeze  conditions were quite difficult.  In the warm weather Dave was delighted with his time of 6hrs 12m.  A long day of riding but Dave was able to pace himself and take on plenty of fuel to ensure that he finished well and when he looked back he enjoyed the day.

British Heart Foundation Sportif

20170716_142940_resizedNewest member of Acme Wheelers, Kevin Hunter of Gilfach Goch, joined the Club so that he could improve his stamina and endurance in order to ride in a sportif in Swansea. Kevin Joined the Club Run on Sunday mornings and was after only a few short rides on his own he was soon able to maintain the pace of the group. This gave him confidence that he could complete the 46 mile course and, more importantly, enjoy it.

The Sunday Club Runs had been blessed with good weather in June and early July, unfortunately the sportif started with rain but cleared up after an hour. Kevin very quickly learned of the unpleasantness of riding in wet clothing. A keen competitive “darter” Kevin’s sole aim here was to finish and raise money from his sponsors and with this in mind Kevin could enjoy the ride.

Kevin completed the 46.6 miles on 4hrs 21m, while he was very pleased with this the competitive side of him is already thinking about next year, riding again and improving upon his time. We look forward to seeing Kevin on Club Runs in the autumn and winter and helping him to improve his time for next year.

Photo from the Event –Click Here