Personnel Bests by Members over 25m

The Realteam 25 mile TT on 23rd August proved to be a delight for some riders and a cause of anguish for others. Due to the poor weather this summer combined with a poor weather forecast only 53 riders started from a full field in the main men’s event. Similarly, in the women/junior/overflow event only 67 out of a field of 108 started.  Most of those non-starters must have been hugely disappointed when they saw the results. The majority of riders in the overflow event recorded personal bests, often with substantial improvements. Four Acme riders started and all achieved personal bests. Nadine Cannon goes from strength to strength and on this occasion improved from 1.05.30 to an amazing 58.56. Simon Kinsey must have been all smiles too, reducing his time from 1.03.35 to 59.15. Our veterans were not to be left out either with Jeff Rees going under the hour while improving from 1.00.59 to 59.32. Fiona Davies only features occasionally in time trials, her main activity being duathlons, but she too, the oldest of our competitors, improved from 1.09.09 to 1.08.49.