British Heart Foundation Sportif

20170716_142940_resizedNewest member of Acme Wheelers, Kevin Hunter of Gilfach Goch, joined the Club so that he could improve his stamina and endurance in order to ride in a sportif in Swansea. Kevin Joined the Club Run on Sunday mornings and was after only a few short rides on his own he was soon able to maintain the pace of the group. This gave him confidence that he could complete the 46 mile course and, more importantly, enjoy it.

The Sunday Club Runs had been blessed with good weather in June and early July, unfortunately the sportif started with rain but cleared up after an hour. Kevin very quickly learned of the unpleasantness of riding in wet clothing. A keen competitive “darter” Kevin’s sole aim here was to finish and raise money from his sponsors and with this in mind Kevin could enjoy the ride.

Kevin completed the 46.6 miles on 4hrs 21m, while he was very pleased with this the competitive side of him is already thinking about next year, riding again and improving upon his time. We look forward to seeing Kevin on Club Runs in the autumn and winter and helping him to improve his time for next year.

Photo from the Event –Click Here

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