Rouleur Classic Cycle Show

Members  recently travelled up to London to visit the Rouleur Classic Cycle Show, a show where top manufacturers display their latest equipment. This is a much smaller personal event than the Birmingham Cycle Show in September.  Specialising in road bikes and equipment suppliers, the Rouleur Classic always as interesting displays to view.

The main attraction at this event is always the theatre guests where organisers attract speakers from around the world and this year was the best line up members had seen. Mark Cavendish, Australian Phil Anderson, Belgian Classic specialist  Johan Museeuw plus others and the shows highlight speaker Greg Lemond from America. All speakers give a 30+min chat with question from high profile TV Presenters.

 Johan Museeuw was a interested character as he talked about his career. He really was comical as he spoke, especially about his start of his pro career where he thought he was a natural climber on the bike. This idea was dismissed when he rode his first Tour de France when the Belgian was destroyed on every high mountain stage. Later in his career he found is true talent as a one day rider, winning numerous Classic races and gain a reputation as one of the best during the 1990’s…. World RR Champion, TDF stage wins, Classics & Short Tours – he won everything apart from Grand Tours…

The talented Mark Cavendish also had a 30 min slot, but went on well over an hour, Mark really likes to talk. They showed video clips of past Sprint Wins going back from the start of his 14 year Pro career.  Mark spoke in detail about every  video as if they were yesterday, who was competing around him, how he was feeling, the speed etc etc etc….he really can talk, and he shows the passion he still feels about cycle racing.

The show also gives the public a chance to meet with the special guest around the trade Displays. This gave the opportunity for Kerry to meet up with Greg Lemond and have a quick chat about past tour wins, then Greg went on to speak about Whisky and Wine with Kerry, not sure what that had to do with is past career, but it was good for Kerry to meet the Tour Hero who won the Tour de France  three times – it could have been more if he hadn’t been shot by his brother in law in a freak hunting accident which Greg spoke about in interesting detail during his talk on stage

A great event, the special guests will always be the main attraction to the show, allowing 1-2 hours   to look around the equipment displays.

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