National Emergency Services Road Race 2019

Dean Cummings recently competed at his final Road Race of the season in Dorset, its been a busy season for Dean travel to numerous event around the country and hopefully is good form would allow a good placing at the 2019 Emergency Services Road Race. The event was held in beautiful conditions on the fast Monkey World Circuit. The strong field made up of the best the fire, police & prison service had to offer set off from the Bovington Royal British Legion at 10am onto the 10.1 mile circuit to complete 5.5 las (90km).

A cagey start saw a few tentative breaks try and go up the road, only to be monitored and bought back with ease by DWFRS rider Julian Lockwood who was ever present at the front of the peloton all day. Eventually after a couple of laps the two strong men, Graham Crow (London Fire & Rescue) & Richard Butler (Cumbria Fire & Rescue) managed to break the elastic and set off on a two man break. The two fire service men set a tough pace in their own private two up TT and the group behind seemed to be more interested in checking out the local sights on the course and maybe even sight a monkey or two (insert Met joke).

With 2.5 laps to go Tom Clements (Dorset Police) managed to get his massive carcass across the gap and joined Crow & Butler out front. At the peak their gap reached 35 seconds, but as the finish drew near the peloton led by Blackman (West Mids Police) put their foot down and started to drag the three escapees back, only for Seb Herrod (Suffolk Fire & Rescue) to jump across and try to share the workload in the break. But Lockwood & Blackman had other ideas and quickly the peloton had them all back in the fold, setting up the inevitable bunch finish.

The last lap saw a few efforts try to get away, but the constant vigilant eye of Lockwood made sure that they never got more than 15 seconds. As the finish drew near a single rider of the front by 10 seconds the group gallop to the finish was inevitable.

One final suicide pull at 1.5km saw a surge from the group and sadly top contender James Gibney (West Mids Police) went down in a crash. The sole rider was caught by the rampaging peloton with 1km to go.

So the sprinters came to the fore. Having sat in all day long as they tend to do, chilling out at the back, sipping tea and talking about sock length they finally put their noses into the wind and sprinted for the finish, leaving all those that had put the hard work in their wake. Dave ‘Mitch’ Mitchinson (Hearts Police) crossed the line first hand aloft, followed by Jay Eastwood (Hampshire Police) and Matthew Heathcote (Met Police). Elliot Davis (Avon Fire & Rescue) was first from the Fire Service. Dean was pleased with his performance and prominent throughout the race and finish in 31st place and brings his season of Road Races to a close.

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