Welsh Cycling Spring Series

Over the first two weekends of May, Road Race specialist Dean Cummings made the relatively short trip to the Vale of Glamorgan, Llandow Race Circuit. The Welsh Cycling Spring Race Series attracts many riders for different reasons and Acme Wheelers’ Dean Cummings was there for training in a race situation. These events are fast and furious running for 35 minutes plus 3 final laps, and can be very difficult, averaging 23 and 25 mph on a technical circuit is not everyone’s idea of a good day out. Dean, though, was very happy with his effort in both events which took place in sunny weather, finishing 23rd in each race and picking a 3rd/4th Cat point.

Club 25 mile Championship

The first of the 2019 Club Championships recently took place in the Neath Valley. Dry condition  greeted the two ACME members entered the Club 25 Mile Championship incorporated into the Welsh Championship. A stiff image1rbreeze around the course was going to cause difficulty for Gary Flower and Dave Singleton as they prepared to start at their allocated time, Dave first at 10.16 am
Last years champion Gary returning to good form, despite recovering from a skiing accident at the start of the year  where he fractured is shoulder and tore a cartilage in his knee, but still hoped to repeat and hold on to the 25 mile champion title. Gary knew thou he could have a tough challenge from  Dave who constantly improved throughout the 2018 season could steel his 25 title away from him. Dave riding his first event of the season was hoping to record a good time after a tough winter of valuable training.

As the both members rolled away from the start line 44 minutes apart they soon realised the stiff breeze was going to cause a challenge, Side winds are common on the R25/3h course and it seemed every direction turned there was no let up on the curving dual carriageway road winding its way down the Neath valley.

The turn point at just over half way provided a brief break from intense dual carriageway riding as Gary and Dave  negotiated a slight uphill and roundabout section before returning to the dual in the opposite direction for the homeward leg. Again the side winds was not helping as they sped along the final miles.

Soon the finish was in sight for both members as the road gradient slightly ramped up to the chequered flag where times would be recorded by timekeeper and finally the challenging test would be over.

_DSC0617 revisedBack at the headquarters the times being posted on the result board showed that times were affected by the conditions for the 150 riders entered into the Championship event. Dave’s time appeared first on the board, 57.10 a great time on a difficult day. Gary time appeared soon after with an excellent time 52.06 which secured the Club 25 Championship again for 2019.

Soon after the event records showed that Gary had set a New Club Championship Time. Beating the previous record by 13 Seconds, which had been set by Gary in 2018 championship. Once again a great achievement for Gary in a club championship which as been competed for since 1935.

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The next Club Championship will take on 16th June to decide the 100 mile Title.

The 2019 Celtic Series as been designated as the Championship which will decide the winner of the “Dudley Thomas Memorial Trophy” this Year. The ACME Member who accumulates the most point from 5 events will be champion.