The Final ACME Road, Club Championship recently took place on Barn Hill – Tonyrefail to decide the Club Hill Climb Champion. The chosen climb to decide the title consists of a half mile climb, with an average gradient of 8% then a quarter mile flat sprint to the finish, a familiar tough section of road to many ACME members.

Four members took up the challenge for the Championship with Dean Cummings the 2016 Champion hoping to defend the title. Talented TT specialists Chris DSCN3032Woolley and Dave singleton both in good form could be a threat to Dean over the distance, the final rider to tackle the climb was Kerry Lewis who be an outsider for the title after his special Alpine training weeks earlier.

Chairman Jeff Matthews organised the first rider to line up against the Timekeeper, DSCN3035Chris set off on the lower part of the climb at an impressive pace as the road reared upwards, followed by Dave who is used to pushing himself in TT events as we’ve  seen this season to record some great times, so a steady fast pace up and over the climb then take full advantage of the flat final section. Third rider to face the start timekeeper Roger Evans was Dean determined to repeat another win knowing a high pace was necessary as the gradient of the climb increased towards the top. Final rider to face the Barn Hill challenge was Kerry who planned to give it 100% on the climb to hopefully have a chance to challenge the stronger riders.

Margaret Evans timed the riders over the finish line as everyone gave every last effort past the finish line to hopefully win the R + M Trophy….


In fourth place came Chris Woolley 3mins 40 seconds, third was secured DSC_0164by Kerry Lewis 3.23,  defending champion Dean Cummings took second with a great time of 3 minutes.

Congratulation on the day went to Dave Singleton 2.45 to win his first ACME championship to claim the title of 2017 Hill Climb Champion, an impressive win in this difficult events and a rider to watch in 2018 as more titles could be coming his way.

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