Simons Mid-Summer Events

Regular contributor to our website, Simon Kinsey, had mixed fortunes in July over the shorter distances.  With the 12hr event still in his legs our Event Secretary had limited ambitions in this Ross on Wye 10m event, on the R10/17 Course in Raglan, hoping to get near to 24m.  After the third mile Simon was beginning to feel the 12Hr ride in his legs and, while this is a course for PBs, the hoped for recovery had not come.  He was very disappointed with his time of 24m39s and put it down to his legs not his bike.

The following week Simon was in the Neath Valley on the R25/3H Course, he knows so well. This Real Team organised event took place in wet and windy conditions, now there’s a change.  Having played football for many years Simon suffers from knee problems from time to time and this affects his training and his racing. This was one of those days and Simon was looking for a time around 62 minutes as he was not riding at full effort.  As has happened to Simon before, without any timing data on his bars he recorded a time of 58m27s, only 30s off his life time best.  Simon has expressed disappointment at this ride and feels he has left a PB on the course.