Lady Members Assault on Club Standards

On the first Saturday of July Cardiff 100 Milers  promoted a 25mTT  on the  R25/7 course. Nadine Cannon  chooseweb (2) this event to gain some experience of a new course between Usk and Monmouth.  In the end she gained more than just experience by placing as 2nd Lady in a time of 1:03:07.  Nadine was extremely pleased with her performance but warns other members who ride this course to save some energy for the return effort.  Mitchel Troy village is very undulating and the road surface is poor and saps energy.

The Port Talbot Wheelers promoted the last round of the Celtic Series on 12th July using the R10/22a  Course in Resolven.  Yet again Acme Wheelers were well represented.  On a warm evening with a slight breeze, Nadine Cannon was a chasing a PB, while she didn’t quite get that after a hard ride from the turn Nadine was very happy with her 24:15 time and her season gets better with every race.

Simon Kinsey was looking to keep up his recent momentum and aimed to beat his course record.  Simon sees this course and the 10 at Raglan as the fastest local courses and was delighted with his course best time of 23.19 which was also a PB for the distance.  Well done Simon.

A new name enters our reports as_DSC0737 Emily Kinsey tries her hand in an Open Event for the first time.  Only having completed Club events up to this point Emily was entering the unknown and trying to gain some experience of the event.  A finishing time of 29.31 gains her the Club Bronze Standard and with her determination the Silver Standard is beckoning.

The weekend of 16/17th July saw two events promoted by Ross-on-Wye CC.  On the Saturday Nadine Cannon was again chasing that PB on the R10/17 Course.  After some difficulties negotiating the Heads of the Valleys road improvements just to get to the event Nadine settled into her ride in the warm but windy conditions.  Nadine was absolutely delighted with her time of 24.01 which gave her the PB she has been working so hard for. Nadine has previously comfortably achieved the Club Gold Standard for a 10 and we look forward to see her times tumbling.

Also looking for a good time on a course he set his best time last year, Jeff Rees found the conditions very hot and windy.  In the end Jeff was extremely disappointed with his time of 24.11 though he was very complimentary of the organisation of the event.

Sunday and the same club promoted a 25m TT on the R25/7 Course.  Nadine Cannon took on the Heads of the Valleys roads works once again just to get to the HQ.   In what she describes as perfect weather conditions Nadine made her assault on the course to and was determined to improve on her best time on this course.  As she had done the previous day Nadine gave her self a 10/10 for how she felt about her performance, and who would argue with that.  Nadine posted a time of 1:01:26, getting ever closer to going under the hour and, yet again, took the prize for 1st Lady.  What a season she is having, well done Nadine.

Simon Kinsey entered the same event but unfortunately after negotiating the road works to get to the event he took a wrong turn after six miles.  This ended his chances of going under the hour on this fast course. Simon and Nadine warns other members who enter races on this course to watch out for signs as there are many turn-offs along the route

Alec Takes First Win

The first event in the 2016 Hill Climb Series started recently on the tough Bwlch climb, the 7 event series with points awarded at each event with the best 5 scoring event going on to the final points table to Win the series and claim the “Tony Gammon Trophy”.

Good calm conditions were a welcome relief after the intense 32 degree heat just days earlier in the week. First rider off   Kerry Lewis who set a CSC_0199 [87616]respectable pace knowing Alec Morris was chasing him just a minute behind, Kerry managed to hold Alec off halfway up the climb and each other acted as a unofficial pace makers along the climb. Third rider against the clock was experienced Rory Jenkins, riding into good form after just finishing Second overhaul in the recent Club 5 mile series. Chasing Rory veteran racer Dean Cummings who both new it would be close at the finish, so a big effort was required.

At the Finish Kerry managed a 16.22 and was pleased with his performance, third best time went to Rory with a 15.30 followed by Dean 14.52 who closed on Rory in the finishing straight. Best time on the night went to Alec who recording 14.50 to win the first event of the series.  Alec is coming back from a foot injury and time consuming school exams so the series could be a start of some good competition for final part of the season.

Sunday Club Runs Continue

The web site reports show active participation of Acme Wheelers members in Open Events all over South Wales and beyond.  However, the Sunday Club Run is still favoured by members who are not quite so competitive.  The poor weather during the spring and early summer meant that small groups were involved in the Club Run, but with the gradual improvement in the weather conditions so numbers have begun to increase.

20160717_115859Ever present since the Spring Kerry Lewis and Mark Nichols used these rides to train for the Cardiff Velothon always accompanied by Mike Bevan who just enjoys putting miles in on his various bikes, one for each Sunday of the month.  Alec Morris (breaking in new hi-viz shoes) has been preoccupied with exams and has enjoyed the Club Runs at a time when he has been unable to commit to racing.

Jeff Matthews is an irregular attendee but always enjoys the banter on the road and at the café stop.  Club Treasurer Dave Roberts is making a come back after a long period of injury but is now able to take advantage of the better weather.  “Acme Pensioner Chris T” generally joins the ride in Talbot Green to save the drag up to the Welcome and everyone has to stop to hear Chris’s latest anecdote about life in general. Occasionally Chris Clements has kept Chris company in Talbot while they both wait to join the ride.

The rides have varied in distance from 35 miles right up to longer rides of 60 miles but all have been punctuated by a café stop for refreshments and a chat. Most rides head south to take in stops at Cowbridge, Llantwit Major or Bridgend.  Distances have been dictated by the weather and commitments members have on the day.

Members who are looking for a casual ride or a break from racing could join the Club Run by being at the Welcome in Tonypandy ready to leave at 9:30am.  Ross Morgan has joined the ride, when his racing programme has given him some free time, to rest his weary legs.

Fiona Achieves Her Triathlon Goal

On Saturday 25th Acme members were in the Neath Valley to ride the Bynea 10 on tnadinehe R10/22 course.  Nadine Cannon was riding her favourite course and hoping to improve her race fitness.  The wind was a little unpredictable and Nadine was not sure which way it was coming from. Despite this Nadine was very happy with her time of 24:40 which meant that she was 1st Lady on the night.  Well Done.

The ever present Ross Morgan was also there but even with a time of 23:30 he was not happy with his ride. He described the wind as a head wind out and back.  Jeff Rees also complained about the wind and described it as being “in all directions”.  Jeff’s start time of 16:30 gave him 30 minutes to ride the event and get to the HQ to watch Wales v N.I. His target time of 24m was set with this in mind.  His eventual time of  23:36 gave him an extra 24 seconds to find his seat in front of the TV and the result was well worth the rush.  The Welsh result and Jeff’s Race result was a very well received birthday present for him.


DSC_1292b smallEarlier in the month Member Fiona Davies entered a middle Distance Triathlon based at the Cotswold Water Park. Being closed water in June, the water temperature was quite pleasant at 20C for the 1.9k swim.  The downside of this was that the first bike lap of two was a bit cold and wet. The weather did warm up a little before the 80k bike ride finished.  This meant that Fiona had warmed up for the 21.1k run on a mix of trail and road.  Fiona’s target was to complete the bike ride in under 3hrs 30m and the whole event inside 6hrs30m.  This is a very well organised, family friendly,  event on a fast course with only one real hill on the bike ride.  Supported by husband, and Acme member, Gareth, Fiona was very happy with her race, finishing the bike ride in 3:26:26  giving her a total time of 6:28:47.

We look forward to seeing further reports from Fiona’s events, her next bike event being a 25m TT later in July.


The last race of June saw several of our racing members back in Raglan on the R10/17 Course for Round 6 of the Celtic Series promoted by RealTeam.  Ross Morgan found the conditions not to his liking with a cold wind and some showers.  Despite posting a creditable time of 23:24 Ross was unhappy with his efforts and was just pleased to get to the finish after a feeling a stomach bug after 3miles.  Ross now plans to take some time away from racing to give his legs a chance to recover.

In contrast, even though she described the conditions as “hot,cold,wet windy and smelly”  Nadine Cannon was delighted with her performance on the night.  On what she describes as a fast course Nadine posted a PB of 24:32 and was the 2nd Lady

Simon Kinsey Breaks Bronze Barrier

The RTTC National 12 Hr event took place on the R12/16 Course based on Raglan.  This also served as the WCA Championships and the Club Championship.  The weather forecast for the day was deteriorating but the lone Club entry Simon Kinsey was not worried as he felt others would dislike the conditions whereas he thrives on the poor weather._DSC0365

Simon had set himself four personal targets of increasing ambition for this event:-

  1. To finish the event;
  2. To improve upon his 2014 result;
  3. To reach 200 miles;
  4. To grab the Acme Bronze Standard of 215mls;


When Simon sets himself targets he focuses all his efforts on their achievement.  Even Simon found the Hereford leg of the course mentally and physically challenging.  He knew it would slow him down and factored that into his race tactics.  As forecast the day started dry for Simon’s 6:30am start but later in the day the rain came in.  Simon’s determination paid off for him and he achieved a staggering 222.73 far exceeding his 2014 results and comfortably achieving the Club Bronze Standard and has the Silver Standard in his sights now.  He gave himself a 10/10 on how he felt about his effort, the first one of any Club member this season.

Still Smiling after the 12hr Event

Simon enjoyed the new course and believes that the R12/95 will not be used again.  He urges those members with ambitions to complete a 12 Hr to consider this course for 2017.  Well Done Simon Kinsey the 2016 12 Hour Club Champion.