British Emergency Services Road Race Championships

In early August Road Racer, Dean Cummings, set off to Aylesbury, Berkshire, to compete in the British Emergency Services Road Race Championships for 2017. Committee member Dean was hoping to be successful in the Over-50s or Retired Section. The 12 laps of a 4 mile loop were mainly on rough country roads with a 100 mts 7 per cent climb added in for good measure. Fortunately the weather conditions were dry and sunny.

The Mentmore Circuit was the 3rd choice location after a number of road works occurred_DSC0724 during the run up to the event, which, presumably, the Emergency Services were not aware of. With the usual high quality field and strong teams of Firefighters and Police from London, Manchester and the Midlands the race set of at a blistering pace and after 4 times up the climb the race started to split . Dean found myself in no mans land for a short while, unable to maintain the pace of the younger stronger riders, fortunately he was soon swept up by a number of riders and formed a good group of 8 working together to finish the 48 mile race.

12 times up the climb was a real stinger but felt, but former police constable Dean proved to be one of the stronger riders in the group.  He was very pleased to finish such a tough circuit as could see an ever growing group of packed riders each time his group went over the climb.

Dean was a little disappointed not to pick up any prizes this year but it turns out the female in the group was, Victoria Strila of the Kent Police Force, who won the overall ladies Championship which gives an indication of the effort put in by the group and the high standards required to be amongst the winners..

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