April Race Reports

Picking up from last season we are grateful to racing members for their cooperation in completing the race reports in order that these more detailed reports can be compiled. All members are encouraged to submit a report when they take part in an event whether it be an Open/Club TT , a Sportive or Charity Ride, members and visitors to the site are interested to read what we are up to.

_DSC0359The Ogmore Valley Wheelers Open 25 on 23rd April was ridden on the often used and fast R25/3H Course, it is a second home to many of our racing members. Trying to work his way back from knee problems Simon Kinsey has no serious expectations for this event, using it as a training ride. Even so he finished in a creditable 1:02:14, just over 4 minutes off his P.B. after an injury disrupted pre-season training plan. Missing out on his usual pre-season programme Simon did not leave enough in his tank for the final three miles and paid the price. He intends now to enter two events each week and use these are training in this first part of the season.


Scan103, November 09, 2006Another member suffering from disrupted training is Anthony Redmond. No need to guess what has contributed to this disruption when we see him on the Welsh news fighting the grass fires earlier this month and in March. By the time Anthony hit the course the wind had picked up and although it was mild the wind was gusty which will always cause riders a problem. Anthony was a little disappointed with his 59.06, which he put down to the lack of training. The “sidewinders” going down the Glynneath Bank were an unwelcome difficulty on Anthony’s return to racing this season.


Welsh Championship 25TT April 30th R25/3h

DSCN2515The following weekend it was back up to Hirwaun for the WCA DSCN2524Championships on the R25/3H which also serves as the Club 25m Championship. Four members had entered a big field but only two left the start line with Simon Kinsey and Anthony Redmond both, unfortunately, having to withdraw. First off was Jeff Rees on a new bike with new tri-bars, ever the pessimist Jeff told Club members, who had ridden over to offer support, that he was concerned that he was in the main field. Another member feeling that recent training had not been enough for this event, Jeff did not have great expectations. Although often seen out on his road bike, Jeff would have us believe that his recent training consisted of riding MTB and trundling up the Taff Trail. In his first 25 of the season Jeff finished in a time of 1:03:35, a good start to the season but Jeff points out he was 1 from last which reflects the high standard of the field.

DSCN2533Our 30 Mile Champion Gary Flower was looking for his second Club Championship of the year on a cold and windy day. Gary was hoping to get into the 53’s but soon realised it was not a day for PB’s. Pacing was difficult on the day with a following wind out and a blustery headwind on the return leg. In the end Gary posted a 54:16 and was quite pleased with this for his first 25 start of the season and hopes to improve in the near future with more favourable weather. Gary was pleased to see support from Club members on the course.

Congratulations to Gary on becoming the Club 25 Champion for 2017 and taking the Ken Harrison Challenge Trophy.

Past Winners of the ACME 25m TT Championships:-  Click Here

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